Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

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1. Introduction

This is the oldest Institute of its kind in India, established in 1948, and successfully completed 65 years of operation and turned out 86 batches of students.

To become a professional A.M.E, one has to obtain the A.M.E license issued by Director General of Civil Aviation (D.G.C.A.), Govt. of India.

To – Day a career in aviation is one of the best of modern profession. The demand for trained and highly skilled Aviation personal has increased and expected to grow further.

Aviation being specialized profession, it demands specialized training. The Air Technical Training Institute has a team of highly qualified and experienced professional to impart training with great care and excellence.

2. Achievement

During last 65 years, we have trained out MORE THAN 3000 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Approved Instructors and Flight Engineers which represent a major section of the total professional Aircraft Maintenance engineers in India and abroad.

3. Scope of D.G.C.A. Approval

The Institute is approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, for Mechanical Stream (Aeroplane and Powerplants) to cover Heavy Aircraft, Light Aircraft, Piston Engine and Jet Engine.

4. Admission Policy

The intent and purpose of this Institute is to educate and train young students in persistent manner to get themselves prepared to clear paper – I, II, & relevant paper III of D.G.C.A. license examination to cover Heavy Aircraft, Light Aircraft, Piston Engine And Jet Engine (Aeroplane and Powerplants). To fulfill this and for continuing improvement, Management is committed to provide resources and set up a Quality management system (QMS).The effectiveness of QMS shall be judged by Internal audit.

5. Course Duration

Duration of course is 3 years, consisting of 6 semesters.

1St to 5th Semesters provide Institutional Training to cover full syllabus and 6th Semester is exclusivevely On – job practical training or OJT.

6. Placement and On Job Training (OJT)

The institute provides placement assistance. For OJT The trainee will be provided with appropriate hangar facilities, having Heavy Aircraft Learjet 25D and Light Aircraft Cessna 150D, all Ground support equipment , tools, Aircraft and Engine Maintenance Manual, Job Cards and Procedure sheets, as Detailed in Appendix – ‘V’ of Civil aviation Requirements.

7. Infrastructure available

a. Heavy aircraft

Pressurized Heavy Learjet- 25D Sl. No. 241, a twin Jet aircraft to cover Heavy aircraft and Jet engine. This is placed at Sadhanpur Hangar.

b. Light Aircraft

The Institute is equipped with one Cessna 150D Aircraft with serviceable Engine & Instrument and in running condition, to cover Light Aircraft and Piston engine.

c. Besides these, Institute is having the following jet Engines, Piston Engines and various other equipments required during training.

d. Jet Engines

Turbofan Engine JT 3D in dismantled condition.

GOBLIN Engine Centrifugal type with tail pipe.

VIPER Engine Axial flow type.

SO-3 Engine Axial flow type.

e. Piston Engines

Lycoming 4 Cylinder opposed Engine.

Rangers 6 Cylinders in line Engine.

Pratt & Whitney Single Row 9 Cylinder radial Engine.

Warner 7 Cylinder radial Engine.

f. Practical and Theoretical training on computer are given as per D.G.C.A. requirement.

g. The Institute has its own internet facilities and all technical information’s as and when received from D.G.C.A. Headquarter, are being communicated to students by means of Technical circulars.

8. Faculty

The Institute having a team of highly qualified and specialized professionals, mostly retired engineers from Air India, retired technical personnel from Indian Air force, Engineering graduates and other professional experts as demonstrators.

9. Library

The Institute has fully equipped technical library having all core and peripheral books as per Civil Airworthiness Requirements.

It maintains sufficient number of copies to cater the need of the students.

10. Fee Structure

Semester Fee(INR) Remarks
First 45,000/- To be deposited during admission.
Second 55,000/-
Third 55,000/-
Fourth 60,000/-
Fifth 60,000/-
Sixth 55,000/-
Total 3,30,000/- INR 10,000/- Caution deposit will be refunded only after completion of the course.

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